Because frequencies are to be considered as a common good, they are regulated at the international level. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is the global agency responsible for management of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbit resources. It does so via its Radiocommunication Bureau (BR).

All services that are used globally for which there is a need to use radiowaves signals (Phone and internet communications, remote communications with planes, weather forecasting or watching TV and listening to radio) require the use of frequencies along the radio-frequency spectrum. In order to support new applications, a growing number of user and a skyrocketting traffic, the management of frequency allocations is an ever-growing topic of interest for the ITU and national agencies in charge of domestic allocations of frequencies.

To acess the current corpus of Radio regulations, check out the ITU's web page dedicated to radio regulations

If you want to better understand the different usages of satellite frequency bands, visit ESA's dedicated web page to learn more !

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